Use your own tune

Back in the 70’s I spent a summer in The Netherlands living with missionaries. One of them, a Vietnam-era veteran, was hugely influential. He was a New Yorker. No fear, in your face, and really funny. Saved out of pure godlessness, he was a powerful force for God. No kidding — if something in your life didn’t match Christ’s teachings, he’d nail you to the wall.

That guy studied the Bible like it was his job, and he could debate the claims of Christ better than anyone on the planet. The result? He led bold-and-brainy types to Christ left and right.

But there was another guy, too. He was all about love. God’s love. God’s loving grace. God’s loving goodness. God’s loving kindness. He didn’t know Francis Schaeffer from Francis of Assisi, but he also led people to Christ left and right. Relational types. People who feel.

Those guys would go out on market day and share Christ all day long. Fruitfully. It was amazing.

The Point: None of us are alike, so don’t try to be like anyone else. Share with students based on who you are, and God will use you with students tuned to your frequency.