How to see a student

Know someone who talks too much? What races through your mind when you see that person approaching? Duck into the washroom? Take “a call” on the cell phone?

What if your favorite friend comes your way? A burst of joy? Drop everything and move toward that person?

How we see others determines how we engage. Many factors are involved — joy, fear, boredom, bitterness, empathy — and each colors the encounter.

Despite three years of witnessing authority, wisdom, love, and miraculous power, Jesus’ contemporaries failed to perceive his deity. Neither friends nor enemies “saw” Him (John 14:9; 10:33).

There’s an interesting passage in 2 Corinthians that brings this home for us (5:16-17). Paul observes that neither Christ nor those who know Him by faith should be seen as mortals. Jesus Christ is God, and those who follow Him are new creatures.
Here’s a good exercise for this week. Intentionally view every student you encounter as no longer human, but as “in Christ,” just as Christ was “in the Father” (John 14:7-21). See how it makes you feel when one of them approaches . . .

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