A Student’s Perspective / Being Hurt and Heard

My youth group is huge. There are nearly one hundred of us. Even though each grade is divided and subdivided into smaller groups, our smaller groups still number eight to ten students each. In the freshmen class alone there are more than twenty boys.

We meet three times a week — Sunday school, youth group, and midweek Bible study — and it’s really easy to get lost in the crowd.

One night several weeks ago, I sat by a girl who was obviously hurting. When the youth pastor called for prayer requests, she burst forth in whispers to me of the pain in her life, her abusive mom, and her absent dad. She told me of her sadness over the past several years, and then looked at me expectantly.

All I knew to say was, “I’m so sorry.” And as her eyes filled with tears, I saw that was all she needed.

Sometimes, we just need someone to listen to us. Be that person.

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