Following Jesus • 2 / You can trust His story

Read This: Luke 1:1-4
The story of Jesus’ life is told in the Bible, so it’s important to know you can trust the Bible. No sense staking your life on a myth.
The Bible is a historical book, and there are accepted methods for vetting the authenticity of historical writings. For example:

The Bibliographical Test — Historical writings are translated from ancient manuscripts. How reliable are the biblical manuscripts?

The Internal Evidence Test — The Bible features historical teachings and events. Did the original writers report them accurately?

The External Evidence Test — The Bible was not written in a vacuum. Do other historical sources confirm what was written in the Bible?

The Bible has proven trustworthy on all these tests. For a quick read on the authenticity of the Bible, check out Is the Bible Really True? by Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett. It’s short, cheap, and written as a story.
Let’s begin following Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. He explains why we can trust what he’s written — it’s carefully researched and drawn from eyewitness accounts. And since many of those eyewitnesses were still alive and reading his account, they would know whether or not he got the story straight. 
Luke explains his purpose for writing in verse 4: “so that you may know the exact truth about the things you have been taught.” 
That’s how you follow Jesus Christ. You discover what’s true about Him — and then you stake your life on it.

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