A Student’s Perspective / Prayer

Our group recently did a ski retreat. While snowboarding, one of our freshmen guys got seriously hurt. He ruptured his spleen, and the doctors said it was bad — stage four out of five stages of danger. He wasn’t expected to recover without surgery, and even then, the doctors were worried. So worried they medevacked him by helicopter to the nearest big city.

We, however, had a powerful weapon. As soon as the student body learned about his condition we started praying. Not just three-second prayers, either. Groups of us clustered around the ski lodge and prayed for up to half an hour. Dedicating his safety to Christ, we prayed for our friend, pleading for his recovery and health.

The next morning, after at least half a dozen more prayer times, we heard from his mom. The doctors were stunned. Not only was he recovering at record speed, he hadn’t needed surgery and the internal bleeding was only nominally affecting him. They couldn’t figure out why he was getting better so fast.

But we knew.

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