Laws of attraction

You: Hey Jared — I saw you watching Molly at the event yesterday. You like her?

Jared: Oh man, she’s gorgeous! And I think she’s nice — I’ve heard her talking after group a few times and I like the way she is. She’s funny, but she knows how to get serious. I think she’s sincere.

You: Wow, you know a lot about her. Spend much time together?

Jared: Are you kidding? I’ve never even talked to her. I just know I’d mumble or say something stupid. Probably open my mouth and there’d be breakfast on my teeth.

You: So . . . you’re not planning anything? Not even saying hi?

Jared: No way. She’s out of my league.

* * *

You: Hey Molly — how’d the event go yesterday?

Molly: It was great!

You: Meet anyone new?

Molly: Oh yeah. There were some kids here from another church. We talked for a while.

You: You know Jared?

Molly: I know who he is.

You: But you’re not friends?

Molly: No, he doesn’t know I exist.

You: You don’t think so?

Molly: I know so. He’s never talked to me. Doesn’t even look at me.

You: Would you like him if he did?

Molly: Did what?

You: You know — talked to you, paid attention to you.

Molly: I don’t see why not. He seems nice. I’ve heard him ask questions in group and I think he’s smart. But like I said, he doesn’t know I exist.

You: . . .

What would “You” say next?